(from 1972 to 1974)

[...] However, even if he is immersed in the rigid climate of formal reductions every
now and then the artist returne to his emotional skies and dilutes his lyrical breath in the
evidence of well known reality: here we have the sudden, we could almost say uncontrolled yeild
quick of some still lives. Full of elements, made livid with colour, embedded and plugged in a rhythm,
ground by the contractions of an 'autre' cubist geometry or again laid in widespread chromatic
assonances, or limited in that measure, so typical of CÚzanne which solves the image
in the compactness of the objects, collected in a single figural nucleus. [...]
Carlo Giacomozzi
(by: E. Crispolti, Vincenzo Balsamo, monography, 1992, pp. 51-52, ed G. Corbelli)

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Forms in expansion
(Forme in espansione)

Cubist reminiscence
(Reminescenza cubista)

On the small table
(Sul tavolino)

Opposed soul
(Anima contrastata)


Flowers in the blue vase
(Fiori nel vaso blue)

Composed volumes
(Volumi composti)

Vase of flowers on the table
(Vaso di fiori sul tavolo)

Composition almost abstract
(Composizione quasi astratta)

(Natura morta)

Beginning of decomposition
(Inizio di scomposizione)


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