(from 1978 to 1979)

[...] In the same way the poetic of the art autre brings to its extreme results the principle
of existensialism and, therefore, it reduces to a great extent the function of both time and space.
In the cycle of Le Evocazioni, 1978-79 (The Evocations), painted with the support of the air-brush,
the perception of time is felt as a slow motion current that brings up its flotsam. [...] Between the
background of the canvas and the tangleb web of signes there is no relation, on the contrary,
the background is itself a chromatic element. The light, as razor-blades, goes between
the background and the web of signs like dense fog. Humid erratic shadows soon
after the rain with the sun beams through them. [...]
Floriano De Santi
(by: F. De Santi, Vincenzo Balsamo,"Color's Song", 1996, pp. 11-12, ed. Grafiche Ariccia)

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Fantastic reliefs
(Rilievi fantastici)

The painter
(Il Pittore)

The old man
(Il Vecchio)

Evocative journey among the colors
(Viaggio evocativo tra i colori)

Evocation 5
(Evocazione 5)


The Musician
(Il Musicista)

The General
(Il Generale)

The flight deliverer
(Il volo liberatorio)

The flowers of the soul
(I fiori dell' anima)

In surface
(In superficie)



Free cells
(Cellule libere)

Maximum evocation
(Massima evocazione)

Composing evocation
(Evocazione compositiva)


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