[...] What we therefore perceive in front of these works is the increase of the thin matter, the
lightness, the absence of weight of the image. Everything seems to lean magically, everything
seems originate, or float, in a deep sea of light. [...] [...] A light that is above all a magnetic halo,
a physical given and a given spiritual subjective, an atmospheric condition, a condition of life. The
light is today the "imaginary face of the time", a face extended to show the proximity of a "overworld".
If we look at more from near these works we realized that the single forms are insert in a structural
plant totally abstract, so the precise repetition of each single expressive nucleus, inside the
same composition, it takes away from the forms their temporal and historical oneness, steals
from the incessant flow of the time, and sets it on a piano immaterial and transcendent.
The light and the color become now a necessary landscape for a revaluation of the
imaginary, realized in line with the characters of the contemporaneity.
Marisa Vescovo
(By: M. Vescovo, The bright point of the fluctuation , catalog of the exhibition,
Oratorio De' Discplinanti in Final Borgo, 2002, ed. Grafiche Aurora )

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An afternoon with Wagner
(Un pomeriggio con Wagner)
Listening the sea
(Ascoltando il mare)

Dismantled visions
(Visioni scomposte)
Lines of free thoughts
(Linee di liberi pensieri)

Moderate Happy
(Allegro moderato)
Escape from the reality
(Fuga dalla realtÓ)

Elaboration of the sign
(Elaborazione segnica)

Theme with variations
(Tema con variazioni)
Tabula Altaris (In Abstracto)

In ascent
(In ascesa)
Spatial vision
(Visione spaziale)

To clear of moon
(Al chiar di luna)
Go toward the light
(Andare verso la luce)

Rhapsody in blue
(Rapsodia in blu)
New thoughts
(Nuovi pensieri)

Intense depth
(Intensa profondità)


London Swift lights
(Luci improvvise)


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