[...] Balsamo works out a graphic plan that substantially, through the cubist impact, it
causes lesions to the inside of the figure, he goes on therefore through the abstract geometry to
mark with sharpness the sections of the same composition, he accentuates then in the divisionista
reference an more ampler fading of the formal integrity, until the minuscules dusts flows in the
cancellation of the informal space, and finally here he elaborates, by means the surrealist
imagination the new and amazing icon' identity. [...]
Ernesto D'Orsi
(by E. D'Orsi, exhibition catalog at the Miralli Gallery and
Chigi Palace in Viterbo, December 2003-January 2004, ed. G. Aurora ).

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The violet drape
(Il drappo viola)
Other times
(Altri tempi)

Eastern vibrations
(Vibrazioni d’oriente)
Memory of one's childhood
(Ricordo d'infanzia)

The musicians
(I musicisti)

On the right way
(Sulla giusta strada)
Radiant surface

Composition N. 66
(Composizione N. 66)
Rhythmical modification
(Modificazioni ritmiche)

Better days
(Giorni migliori)
Followed of little notes
(Susseguirsi di piccole note)

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