The work of Vincenzo Balsamo is a unicum of extraordinary intensity.
Flowing rapidly through the images of his paintinga, through his different stages, his
accomplishments, doubts and obstinacy, one is stunned by the final feeling arising from them.
[...] Actually, the balance between the structure of the work and the chromatic choices is the
artist's finest talent. It is the possibility of his uniqueness that stands out when compared
to the painting research of his colleagues, his imprimatur within the national
artistic scenery.
Beatrice Buscaroli
(by: B. Buscaroli, The courage of the equilibrium, exhibition catalogue at Palazzo della Ragione in Mantova, 2008, ed Publi Paolini)

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Vivace Have a nice day

Prima che sia sera Dalla finestra...

Ieri e... oggi Lei...

...ancora lei Nel blu...

Il falò in riva al mare Heaven for everyone

Libero di andare I want to break free

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