CD Interattivo di Richard Wheeler per il suo Progetto sull'Arte Contemporanea: "The Interactive gallery of Vincenzo Balsamo's Work"
Università di Kent (Canterbury), Dicembre 2003-Gennaio 2004.
Il CD e la sua creazione sono Copyright © da: Richard Wheeler --- Le immagini in esso contenute sono copyright © da: Archivio Generale Vincenzo Balsamo.

"The Interactive gallery of Vincenzo Balsamo's Work"

"Informazioni su questo CD fatto da Richard Wheeler per il suo Progetto d'Arte"

"The brief was for us to produce a promotional CD-Rom for a Contemporary visual artist. This CD-Rom had to showcase the artists work in a digital portfolio. I began by researching into what contemporary artists were willing to collaborate with me on the project. I looked through many art works and the works that I liked the most were kept. Among this selection was the works of Vincenzo Balsamo. I particualily enjoyed Balsamo's work for many reasons, one being the difference in compositions and the fact that you could keep looking at the paintings and see something new each time, depending on what mood you were in. I emailed the various artists, hoping that the Vincenzo Balsamo art works would be the ones that I could use. This was as I was more enthusiastic about using his artworks to complete my project. I was glad to hear that Vincenzo Balsamo was happy to let me use his art works for my project. This was most pleasing. By this time I had created a few ideas of how to implement the project and now that i had Balsamo's permission to use the art work I set about my primary idea. The idea was the create a 3D gallery and have links to the various different styles that Balsamo's uses. These styles would be naviaged to by predetermined paths through the gallery, the user would still be able to view the images freely thou. I used 30 of what I found to be the most interesting of the art works. I went for a balanced selection of the styles as I felt this would better showcase Balsamo's work. Once the idea was formulated and the artworks picked it was just a matter of creating the project."

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